Google errors are portals of discovery

Knowledge is at the heart of So Seriously Social where my aim is to share interesting, and sometimes controversial articles, and academic scribblings - read the blog!

With my academic shoes on its easy to get stuck in the mud where, for some, material may only be available under 'institutional conditions' and intended for those with access to an academic library, or affiliation to a Higher Education institution.

It may appear that we live under Web 2.0 and social media conditions of sharing, on business terms - and especially from our publishing houses that disseminate academic journals - we have a walled garden.

But do not let me you put off at the first whiff of academic 'stuff'. There ARE an interesting and open-source academic resources on the Web, for example First Monday and Future Internet. And whilst, for the most part, the world of academia remains a closed and hidden garden the seeds of knowledge are starting to spread.

At these early shoots, my apologies if I tantalise some readers with an interesting paper and frustrate others due to circumstances of access.

Knowledge requires watering and as yet is not entirely Free.