“A keyboard is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”

--(not) John le Carré

  • ShiftHappens when you're least expecting it

    today was a very special day in the calender, nay momentus event at once being ShiftHappens with Marcus Romer and at the same time my first 'outing' and moment back on stage. More.

  • Special Post: An invitation


  • Media and Riots - a social response

    We are all familiar with social media... In the run up to this one-day event Before we got together I have tried to take account of some of the ‘uproar’ that has been raised - so far as it has been within any one person’s capacity to do so. More.

  • the reassurance that whatever you are doing is OK. OK.

    On one level this post confirms how social has long shaped human relationships that, in turn, have also influenced the development of other communication resources and social practices. More.

  • Rat Pack

    how software acts in often unseen and concealed ways in order to sort people, places and things... Like things, human agency is being rated, being sorted and assembled. More.

  • Don't point that social media at me, it might go off.

    This is/n't eMarketing? The audience has been quick to respond. My take away messages included how eMarketing is MISSING THE MESSAGE. More.

  • Missing the message

    In the next couple of weeks I'll be attending, presenting and chairing at my first Marketing Conference, the internationally acclaimed: The Academy of Marketing. Hopefully this won't put me off for life. More.

  • Please do not write below this line

    Has Twitter thought of a way of hosting and managing academic outputs I wonder?... More.

  • Intriguing and stupid

    ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers: "We have provided a platform for the next generation of creativity and inspiration." More.

  • Engaging with both differently.

    You can't have it both ways'. At least that's what I've been told by many an Academic, institution and navel gazing commercial organisation. More.

  • Legal pitfalls and bottom-feeding from user-generated data

    I’m co-running the Information Systems 2nd year Undergraduate course at Durham University this year and one component will be data surveillance, property rights, tort risks and privacy policies. More.

  • BBC social media summit

    Particularly good was an overheard exchange between two well-established, and instantly recognisable BBC executive faces, who were heard to exclaim and dismiss twitter as 'just gossip mongering'... More.