As well as an academic and sometimes (when they let me) BBC commentator, I also work as a professional consultant.

This page is my soft sell to you, to convince you that by working with me we can peel back the layers of social and position some successful commercial ventures.

This is not speculatory social media 'community management'. I specialise in the application of expertise to develop nuanced strategies for points of connection, disconnection and appropriate engagement with consumers. Hence, seriously social.

At any one time I'm working on a number of commercial projects from the perfectly petite start-up starting out, to the magnificently mammoth conglomerate.

Due to the nature of the work, some of these associations have to remain confidential. Other projects you'll find on the Portfolio pages. I'll also be blogging about new ventures and past successes. Obviously all the boring ones I'll keep quiet about.

I have some recommendations - endorsements if you will, to give a bit of context about what it is I do best and are available if only to prove that I exist as more than just a Facebook page.

I am delighted to lend my expertise to any project that you want to discuss with me.